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Tuned In: Memoirs of a Piano Man

Narrated by Jim Wilson

TUNED IN – Listen to the “Meet the Beatle” prologue!

Jim Wilson’s #1 bestselling memoir is available in print, e-book, and now as an audiobook. Jim’s award-winning piano-featured instrumental music is interwoven throughout the audiobook, taking the listener on a deeply personal, unforgettable journey. With 17 soundbite cameos by fans and friends including Martin Short, Ray Romano, Ed Begley, Jr, Lisa Loeb and Rob Morrow.

The unique confluence of Jim Wilson’s two careers — noted piano technician and a successful recording artist — has led to countless one-of-a-kind experiences with some of the world’s most exalted music legends: singing Beatle songs with Paul McCartney, limo rides with Elton John, road trips with Carole King, and horseback riding with Dan Fogelberg.

But beyond this everyman’s unique telling of intimate celebrity tales, Tuned In: Memoirs of a Piano Man offers a message of hope to anyone pursuing a dream against the odds.

Tuned In is much more than l expected. With humor and insight, Jim shares his adventures and experiences with some of the world’s greatest music icons. His story is inspiring and relatable. Highly recommended.”

 Ray Romano, Emmy-winning actor

“Tuned In is a fantastic read! Fascinating insider stories. World traveler, gifted artist, and his knowledge of all things piano is incredible. Great job with all you’ve accomplished!”

–  David Foster, 16-time Grammy-winning producer

Jim is a genius technician and musician. Tuned In is fascinating. Who knew?!”

–  Barry Manilow, Grammy, Emmy & Tony-winning Hall of Fame artist
“I adore this memoir so. A truly fascinating tale by a fascinating man.”

–  Martin Short, actor, comedian, singer, writer


To read Jim’s People Magazine article, click here. 

Emerging from a troubled childhood in a broken West Texas home, a young man moves to Los Angeles to pursue fame and fortune as a singer-songwriter. He soon strays from his mission when his piano tuning sideline blossoms into a career as piano technician to the entertainment industry’s biggest names. His help in the development of the world’s first MIDI-adapter for acoustic piano leads to him sharing adventures, sessions, meals, and laughs with dozens of his childhood heroes. His front row seat provides him with a rare and fascinating view into their creative processes.

But when his world is shattered by his dearest friend’s untimely death, he’s forced to question the whole purpose of his life and the true meaning of success. Battling crippling panic attacks, but with the love and support of his musical heroes, he returns to his heart’s purpose, takes a leap into the unknown, and sets out on a solo career, composing, recording and performing his signature style of piano-featured instrumentals.

After four Billboard Top-20 albums, two PBS specials, and over 75 million worldwide streams of his compositions, Jim reflects on his life in music. He offers us a candid, humorous, insider’s account of the raucous LA music scene and shares engaging tales of his time spent with music legends.

Tuned In is an inspiring story of one man’s relentless pursuit of a dream, and a revealing testimony to the power of music in all our lives.

Tuned In is enlightening and inspiring, especially for anyone trying to make it in music. Well done, Jim!”

–   Diane WarrenGrammy, & Oscar-winning Songwriter

“Jim Wilson can do anything with or to a piano, writes music beautifully, out-skis me and now this; a most interesting life recalled with the clarity and flow that a good memoir requires.”

–   J.D. SoutherMulti-platinum, Hall of Fame Songwriter

“…Jim’s book is filled with wonderful stories and anecdotes of his adventures in our musical world.  I recommend it highly.”

–   Carole Bayer SagerGrammy & Academy Award-winning Songwriter

“I loved Tuned In. It’s a great, fun read and an inspiring story of perseverance and a window into the LA music scene.”

–   Steve PorcaroGrammy-winning Songwriter, Founding Toto Member

“… insightful, humorous stories. Tuned In does not disappoint. Enjoy!”

– Katey SagalGolden Globe winning Actress

“…with Jim’s usual affability and good humor, Tuned In gives us an intimate look behind the scenes of his famous, and infamous – clients and friends, a group I’m happy to be a part of.”

–   Marc ShaimanOscar-nominated, Grammy, Emmy & Tony-winning Film Composer

More praise for Tuned In:

“An inviting mix of star-studded encounters and an affirmation of a persevering artistic spirit.
       – Kirkus Reviews

“Tuned In hits the right notes, with wit, surprises, and winning enthusiasm.”
       – Book Life / Publisher’s Weekly

“An enthralling glimpse into the world of music and the artists who create it, through the eyes of a globally successful recording artist and confidant to the stars in this fantastic memoir.” ★★★★★
       – Explore Authors Magazine

Tuned In is truly one of the best autobiographies I have read (twice!) and I very highly recommend it!”
     – Kathy Parsons, Mainly Piano

“…a mesmerizing memoir that offers a unique perspective on the music industry with plenty of heart and soul from cover to cover.”
     – K.C. Finn, Readers’ Favorite

“More than just a great read. At times hilarious, outrageous, and heartbreaking, it’s a lesson to us all to never give up, never to let your fears get the better of you, and to aim high. His hand in the development of the world’s first MIDI-adapter for acoustic piano led to him sharing adventures, sessions, meals, and laughs with dozens of his childhood heroes, including Elton John, Carole King, and Phil Collins. His front-row seat provided him with a rare and fascinating view into their creative processes.”
     – Bud Carter, Music Insider

“…a riveting and entertaining memoir that reignited my love for music.”
     –  Christine Nguyen, Readers’ Favorite

“…an addictive read with great characters and engrossing musical stories.”
     – Foluso Falaye, Readers’ Favorite

“Jim Wilson’s autobiography is eye-opening, the writing is spectacular. There are moments when the memoir was so vivid that I felt as though I was watching a documentary.  Without any hesitation, Tuned In – Memoirs of a Piano Man earns an award-winning recommendation from me. Go out of your way to read this memoir.” ★★★★★
     – Elijah B., Explore Authors Magazine 

“…a highly enjoyable and candid memoir, so personably written that you feel you could be sitting down for a long chat and story swap with an old friend.” ★★★★★
     – Reader Views 

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In 2018, Jim discussed his new release, “Remembrance”, which hit #2 in Billboard for two consecutive weeks.


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