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Hard Times Come Again No More

Arlo Guthrie & Jim Wilson, ft. Vanessa Bryan


From folk music icon / legendary Americana recording artist Arlo Guthrie and acclaimed pianist Jim Wilson comes a stunning new adaptation of the Stephen Foster classic, “Hard Times Come Again No More”. The project features extraordinary vocals by singing phenom, Vanessa Bryan, and performances by legendary bass player and multiple Grammy-winner Stanley Clarke, guitar virtuoso Andy McKee, Charlie Morgan, Brad Cole, Dasha Chadwick, Nic Jackson and Dillon O’Brian. Representing Arlo’s first studio release in over a decade, this is “a song for all times, a reinterpretation for our time.”

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Serena: Empress of the Sea!

One of the highlights of my granddaughter Serena’s epic 2-week visit to California in August 2021, was our visit up the California coast. Upon connecting with the Pacific’s majestic cliffs and crashing waves, Empress Serena performed her sorcery. : ) … Turns out my song “Tangerine Moon” was the perfect underscore.


Here is my tribute to my dear father, who taught me that — as Saint-Exupery says, “what is essential is invisible to the eye,” and that you “could own everything and still have nothing at all.” I hope this speaks to you and your family.

Love Will Lead You Home

On New Year’s Eve 2020, I found myself contemplating the profound hardships that we’d all endured in the face of a global pandemic. I was particularly troubled by the toll it was taking on my granddaughter Serena, who had just moved to a new city. At a time when she and kids of her age in the prime of their childhood should be going to school and meeting new friends, they instead find themselves isolated to their bedrooms with little contact with the outside world. I wrote this song for her as a message of hope and reassurance that better days are ahead. I hope it has meaning for you and your family.

Shadow Falls – Jim Wilson (Remembrance)

“The title came to me first. It instantly evoked a mysterious place with a beautiful waterfall enshrouded in mist, deep in an enchanted forest. I wanted to create a piece of music that told a story and lead the listener into this magical space.” – Jim

Tangerine Moon – Jim Wilson (Remembrance)

Tangerine Moon: “Jim got the title from a blood red moon he witnessed while on the shores of Lake Michigan. A dramatic offering laced with exotic intrigue.”

Remembrance – Jim Wilson (Remembrance)

“Sitting at the piano one night, this movie theme idea that came to me, evoking images of rolling, misty hills lined with rows upon rows of military tombstones. This piece is dedicated to loved ones who have gone before.”


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